A picture is worth a thousand words

Welcome to Day 1! Sign Language Interpreter Christian and Master of Ceremonies Courtney welcoming the crowd, and starting in the day with the
Opening Keynote “Everything’s a plugin: Understanding webpack from the inside out” by Sean T. Larkin.
The following talks went right into medias res: Axel Rauschmayer on “Future JavaScript: what is still missing?”, Tamar Twena on “How to combine Event Sourcing Architecture in your Node.js Server” and Mariko Kosaka on “A web platform feature is born! — massively distributed multiplayer engineering”.
Starting the breaks as well as giving structure to the program, the Gypsy Swing Duo added some spice with their artistic contribution.
In the afternoon, Kamil Mysliwiec shared how to “Tame reactive node.js: Stream-oriented architecture with Nest”, Rubén Sospedra “Mastered UIs with Finite State Machines”, and Sam Bellen “Authenticated your single page apps using JSON Web Tokens”.
Adding a bit more deep-dive, the next sessions have been “Like a Surgeon — Dissecting a completely Functional-Reactive JavaScript app for the very first time” by Netta Bondy, “Independent deployment of the frontend with Docker and Kubernetes” by Monica Lent, and “Crafting state management — A principle based architecture” by Michael Hladky.
An inspiring Day 2 has been opened by the amazing band 9volt, the Opening Keynote “The big piece of the post-LAMP pie” by Maria Shoaib, and Nadia Makarevich’s “Decomposition and beyond: frontend engineering at scale”.
Adding even more perspectives, Manfred Steyer introduced “Angular, React, Vue and Co. — peacefully united thanks to Web Components and Micro Apps”, Erick Wendel “Scaled Node.js applications with Kubernetes and Docker”, and Julian Antonielli impressed us all with his enthused #1stTimeSpeaker session “Beyond JavaScript: The languages for the modern Web”.
After the Lunch Break, Trent Willis showed how to use Web Workers by “Weaving Webs of Workers”, Narendra N Shetty demanded “Let your users decide what they want” emphasizing the importance of A/B tests, and Geeky Purple Unicorn (Keerthana Krishnan) shared that with the advent of serverless architecture “The Front-End Stands Alone”.
Besides the main stage, the #DeepTrack has been the creative space to share ideas, work together, discuss and listen to others — face to face.
Sharing innovative ideas, discussions, and approaches, the #DeepTrack panel as well as “Streaming HTTP and GraphQL” by Rob Richard have rounded off Day 2 and a great conference, that has shown us a lot of interesting things to learn and to practice.



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JS Kongress Munich

JS Kongress Munich

…is the conference about JavaScript. Handcrafted with 💙 for the JS community — from the JS community! postponed, see you 2021 in Munich, Germany