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Madeleine Neumann works as a webdeveloper and also in the field of Developer Relations at the 9elements Agency in Bochum. For 9elements she organizes the JavaScript Conference RuhrJS, the Meetup PottJS and loves to meet new people. In her free time, she loves to draw, dance and doing sports. Her recurring advice: Sing more Karaoke! 🎤

Please welcome Madeleine, one of the first members of the JS Kongress 2020 Program Committee. 👏 Starting October 16 when the Call for Papers is closed, the committee will start to review all submissions and select the ones that best fit the theme. Upfront, we have asked her a couple of questions:

Why are you looking forward to #jskongress?

I am attending the JSKongress since the very first time and I am enjoying it since then every year. It’s a well organized and caring conference with great talks 💜

What do you think about or associate with the 2020 motto “Scaling JS — Pushing the Limits: Massive Platforms, Data-Driven Architectures, and Modern APIs”?

The JavaScript Community is a very fast-growing community. It feels like every day a new framework is born and we have to adapt new paradigms or going back to old ones. With every app we’re developing we’re facing the same problem: “Does it scale?” It will be interesting to see, how other developers pushing the limits of scalability.

What’s your vision for the program?

I hope that the JSKongress will receive a variety of topics from different perspectives which fits the motto. Hopefully, we will see some first-time speakers 💜

Do you remember, when you got in touch with JS for the very first time? What was the reason for it, or who?

I think the very first time was on myspace, where I didn’t know what I was doing. It was a visitor counter (or something similar) with a lot of bling bling (you know how the good old myspace days where). Afterwards, I got in touch with the folks of the OpenTechSchool in Dortmund and get in touch with JavaScript. Since then I am stuck on it 😅

Do you have some motivation for all speakers and everyone who thinks about submitting their idea for a talk?

Just go for it. No one will bite you, no one will blame you 🤗 The people will attend your talk because they think it’s an interesting topic and they would like to listen to you.

The Call for Papers of #jskongress 2020 is open until October 15 — we are looking forward to reading your ideas on https://sessionize.com/js-kongress-2020

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