JSK meets DevTools-Team

  • Architecture & History
  • Workflow & Quality
  • Team & Feedback
  • Design & Accessibility and
  • WebAssembly Debugging

alert(“Hello, World!”);

Architecture & History

  • what elements are in the page,
  • what the JavaScript is doing,
  • the performance,
  • the accessibility,
  • what styles are applied to the page.
  • what elements you’ve got,
  • which styles are in place,
  • what the JavaScript’s doing,
  • what your performance looks like,
  • and your accessibility:

Workflow & Quality

Design & Accessibility

WebAssembly Debugging

Questions from the Live Chat



…is the conference about JavaScript. Handcrafted with 💙 for the JS community — from the JS community! postponed, see you 2021 in Munich, Germany

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