#JSKongress for the Deaf Community

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Interpreter Christian (left) during the Keynote of JS Kongress 2016

We have confirmation — #jskongress 2019 is barrier-free for deaf people! Interpreter Christian will join us again, every talk at the JS Kongress main stage will be available in German Sign Language

JS Kongress 2017: Watch the full Opening Keynote incl. Sign Language Interpreter Christian

Feel free to get in touch if you are deaf or hearing-impaired, we would really like to bring you in touch with our sign language interpreter.

We want to make #jskongress a fully accessible event — please find more info on https://js-kongress.com/accessibility

For even more accessibility, there are Diversity Scholarships for JS Kongress 2019. We are still looking for companies that want to support Diversity in Tech on our event. More info in this previous blog post.

Please give it up for Christian! Applause in Sign Language:

We collected some of our favorite moments with Christian giving his full commitment in our photo album on Facebook.

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