Klara Fleischmann adds 1 more perspective to the Program Committee

JS Kongress Munich
3 min readSep 23, 2019


Klara: Self- & community-taught developer @ Satellytes. Passionate about all things JavaScript, UX & creative coding. Loves Munich, the mountains & her cats.

Please welcome Klara as a member of the JS Kongress 2020 Program Committee (PC). 👏👏👏 According to her, conferences are about getting insights, ideas & inspiration in exchange with others. This is why her input is very valuable in the scheduling process.

Upfront, we have asked her a couple of questions:

Why are you looking forward to #jskongress?

The JS Kongress 2019 [editorial note: last March] was actually my very first conference to attend as a developer. And you set the bar so high. The team pours so much love into the event, that I am so happy & proud to be a part of it in 2020.

What do you think about or associate with the 2020 motto “Scaling JS — Pushing the Limits: Massive Platforms, Data-Driven Architectures, and Modern APIs”?

It’s going to be big. *cough* But honestly, I am fairly new to programming. Attending conferences is not always about discussions or being the most knowledgeable expert. Being able to get insights, ideas & inspiration about topics is equally important.

What’s your vision for the program?

When I attended JS Kongress earlier this year I was so thrilled that the program was so diverse & well chosen. It not only offered talks on specific, more advanced topics but also beginner-friendly & more basic ones. It’s a great approach, I hope we as a committee will keep following to find a good mix for everyone who’s attending.

Do you remember, when you got in touch with JS for the very first time? What was the reason for it, or who?

Yes, like it was yesterday. I learned to program via the Twitter hashtag #100DaysOfCode. After learning HTML & basic CSS a lot of my peers struggled with JavaScript, as did I. But I quickly fell in love with it & all the possibilities it offered — interactive web, generative art, frontend, backend, …

Do you have some motivation for all speakers and everyone who thinks about submitting their idea for a talk?

Do it! 😊

If you reach one person in the audience, it’s a win. If you’re passionate about a topic, discovered something or worked on something interesting, please share. It’s not about delivering the perfect talk. It’s about inspiring people & sharing knowledge.

You are living and working in Munich. Do you have some secret tips for everyone participating JS Kongress, what they need to see, where to eat, or beautiful spots to have a walk (or others)?

Just step foot out the door & take a walk. Munich is such a beautiful city. And if you got a chance, definitely explore the surrounding countryside — it’s breathtaking. I’m always in awe.️ PS: As a good friend recommended, try a Schmalznudel @ Café Frischhut. 😉

The Call for Papers of #jskongress 2020 is open until October 15 — we are looking forward to reading your ideas on https://sessionize.com/js-kongress-2020

Find the FAQ on our Call for Papers on https://medium.com/@jskongress/cfp-faq-first-members-join-program-committee-8fec626a1ce0

As well we are looking for your idea for the #DeepTrack. Everyone with a ticket can participate, all attendees create the program together: https://github.com/JSKongress/JS-Kongress-Munich-Deep-Track



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