Live: JS Kongress meets Friends

All our lives are affected by #covid19 as #JSKongress is as well. We are separated physically by #StayAtHome 🏠, but socially we are united. 👬👫👭

JSKongress meets friends is a new online format with friends of JS Kongress! Everyone is welcome to join us, exchange thoughts, motivation, experiences and knowledge.
Let’s share thoughts and approaches to create a positive vibe for the future out of the crisis. If you have someone in mind you want to see in this format, let us know, ping us with your suggestion :-)

In the first episode we are joined by Geeky Purple Unicorn and Robin Böhm, it will be live on Tuesday, April 14th on 5:30 pm CEST. Now available on demand:

“Better be safe than sorry” — thanks to Keerthana a.k.a. KK for the positive vibe in the current situation ❤

Next episode: join us as well on Wednesday April, 28th — Which topics and guests would you like to have for the next episodes? We are interested in your ideas!

Don’t miss an episode, we will be live regularly: Subscribe to our channel



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