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4 min readSep 16, 2019


Vanessa is a Web Developer, Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader, Vue Vixens Munich City Coordinator and Speaker. She created her first website at the age of ten and has been passionate about web development ever since. She studied Media Informatics with a focus on Human-Computer-Interaction. Now Vanessa is striving to provide customers with the best experience possible while creating modern web applications.

Please welcome Vanessa as a member of the JS Kongress 2020 Program Committee (PC). 👏👏👏 #jskongress was her first conference, now she will participate in the creation and design of the program because we are the conference made by the community for the community.

Upfront, we have asked her a couple of questions:

  • Why are you looking forward to #jskongress?

The JS Kongress was one of the first conferences I have visited as a developer. I was told that it’s a deeply technical conference focused on JavaScript, not on Frameworks. My expectations were exceeded. I was suddenly surrounded by amazing people with so much knowledge and energy. Therefore I went there every year. This time I’m looking forward to having the same experience as always.

  • What do you think about or associate with the 2020 motto “Scaling JS — Pushing the Limits: Massive Platforms, Data-Driven Architectures, and Modern APIs”?

Web Development seems to be more complicated nowadays. It started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX for listening on events and fetching data. Today we have client heavy applications, think of mobile and desktop screens, support PWAs, Cross-Site Scripting… What we want to provide users is a stable and secure application. At the same time, everyone should get a good experience, nevertheless with which device or internet connection. While working on features, developers have to rethink their workflows while, e.g., switching to Micro Services/Frontends. It can be exhausting to try to think of everything at once, so we should work in an ecosystem which makes our daily life as easy as possible.

  • What’s your vision for the program?

I would love to get as many inputs on various topics as possible. We only can evolve and get better if we listen to many people with different stories. I’m looking forward to getting to forget about my daily work and minor problems. Instead, I will be motivated by so many ideas from diverse people. I believe afterward I just won’t be able to wait to put my hands on the keyboards again and start to implement new ideas I would never have thought of without JS Kongress.

  • Do you remember, when you got in touch with JSK for the very first time? What was the reason for it, or who?

Of course, it was 2016, the very beginning. My life changed from being a working student to being a full-time employee and got more and more interested in visiting conferences. The question was: which? I did not have any experience. But: I love JavaScript. I love and live in Munich. Easy choice: JS Kongress! And it was amazing.

  • Do you have some motivation for all speakers and everyone who thinks about submitting their idea for a talk?

Today I wouldn’t be that person if I haven’t met so many great people at conferences and if I hadn’t just pushed myself into cold water to start speaking at MeetUps. JavaScript is a community-driven language. That’s both, a great opportunity and a big responsibility. The JavaScript community is also thankful. A lot of people ask me what to talk about. My answer is always: Where do you get passionate about? Tell me your story. There are so many things to learn out there, we need everyone’s help to contribute knowledge.

  • You are living and working in Munich. Do you have some secret tips for everyone participating JS Kongress, what they need to see, where to eat, or beautiful spots to have a walk (or others)?

A beautiful spot to walk/run in the morning or evening is up to the Olympiaberg. If you want to have another good view of the city, you should go to Café Vorhoelzer. It’s on the roof terrace of the TU Munich including an amazing barista. Speaking of coffee: man versus machine is the place to go. Vegans will have a good time in Munich, Max Pett for a very good evening or the Katzentempel (“Cat Temple” — yes, with real cats). The Viktualien Market is either the most touristic or just the most Munich place in Munich. I still haven’t decided yet, but I like to go there and visit “der verrückte Eismacher”. Of course, you don’t want to miss the culture, maybe you will like the beer and oktoberfest museum. Last, but not least: The Eisbach Wave where at least one surfer will be, no matter how cold it is.

The Call for Papers of #jskongress 2020 is open until October 15 — we are looking forward to reading your ideas on

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As well we are looking for your idea for the #DeepTrack. Everyone with a ticket can participate, all attendees create the program together:



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