Please welcome our 1st Time Speakers

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It’s our main goal for JS Kongress to enable a diverse and welcoming community

JS Kongress 2019 is looking forward to having new speakers on the stage, and we are so excited to have them in the community! For the first time, this year we offer individual support for first-time speakers. Two 1st Time Teams have formed and are currently working on the sessions for the program — two time-slots have been reserved for our awesome new speakers:

Team #1: Oliver & Michael

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Oliver Mensah

Oliver is a Software Developer, living in Ghana, who lives by the mantra:

“The best way to solidify your understanding of what you learn is by sharing it with others.” — Oliver Mensah

His Speaker Profile has already been included in the JS Kongress website. We are very curious, to seeing his session, on which he is currently working together with Michael, as well a speaker of JS Kongress 2019:

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Michael Hladky

Michael (@Michael_Hladky on twitter) is a developer, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular— see his speaker profile here.

Thank you for supporting Oliver in the 1st Time Program!

Team #2: Julian & Martin

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Julian Antonielli

Julian is enthusiastic for frontend development and functional programming for the web — please find his speaker profile here.

Julian’s mentor is Martin, whom you might know from the previous JS Kongress or as well from this year’s Program Committee:

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Martin Splitt

Martin loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.

Read more in the interview with Martin on the 1st Time Program.

“Inspire the audience, share what you learned and let’s go!” — Martin Splitt

We are so 😃 to have you on #jskongress 2019 and looking forward to having you on stage— very happy, that you joined us! 🙌

Stay tuned for their sessions in the program and sign-up for our newsletter.

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