Please welcome PC member Miloš Sutanovac

JS Kongress Munich
3 min readSep 20, 2019
Miloš Sutanovac: Software developer, consultant & speaker who has been teaching JavaScript and Front-end technologies for many years. Organizer of Vue.js Munich, co-organizer of MunichJS. Mindset: evolve or die.

Please welcome Miloš as a member of the JS Kongress 2020 Program Committee (PC). 👏👏👏 He organizes community Meetups in Munich for many years, from this experience he can say: “Submit your talk, there is always value in what you have to say!”

Upfront, we have asked him a couple of questions:

Why are you looking forward to #jskongress?

As someone who has attended all editions of #jskongress so far, I’m looking to keep my streak alive in my productivity app.

Just kidding, of course — #jskongress is a great opportunity for me to catch up with other engineers and see some old friends, all while broadening my horizon dev-wise.

What do you think about or associate with the 2020 motto “Scaling JS — Pushing the Limits: Massive Platforms, Data-Driven Architectures, and Modern APIs”?

I’ve always liked the approach of a topic-centered conference and this, among many other things, is what makes #jskongress so unique.

Really excited to see how people push our favorite language, especially in the PWA-sector.

What’s your vision for the program?

Personally, I’m always really excited about the #DeepTrack and hope it makes a comeback. 🎉 [editorial note: Yes, the #DeepTrack will come back in 2020 as well. Github repo is open more details available]

A parallel, small Unconf with the leaders of our industry sharing detailed insights on everything they care about? Yes, please.

Do you remember, when you got in touch with JS for the very first time? What was the reason for it, or who?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a cute, emotional developers-tale to tell here. 😊

I studied design and JS was part of the curriculum. I was hooked right then and there.

Do you have some motivation for all speakers and everyone who thinks about submitting their idea for a talk?

As an avid organizer of meetups myself, I can’t say and emphasize this enough:

no matter how much you think that it might be a silly idea to give a talk in the first place, trust me, it isn’t.

Not a single soul knows everything you’re going to say and yes, your brain will try and trick you that that’s the case. And that there is no benefit in you talking about this topic. And that you shouldn’t do it.

I’ve been there myself many times.

But trust me.

Research and prepare that talk. Submit it. Work on that tiny demo to visualize it. There is always value in what you have to say.

You are living and working in Munich. Do you have a secret Munich tip?

A long stroll by the Isar does wonders in my opinion — a highly recommended but not so secret tip. 🤓

The Call for Papers of #jskongress 2020 is open until October 15 — we are looking forward to reading your ideas on

Find the FAQ on our Call for Papers on

As well we are looking for your idea for the #DeepTrack. Everyone with a ticket can participate, all attendees create the program together:



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