Thank You 🙏

In the current situation we don’t deem ourselves able to create a JSKongress as fun, as welcoming and an amazing experience that we always want to offer to YOU. Therefore we take a break. (If you had a ticket for the 2020 edition, you have received a refund note — please get in touch if you didn’t.)

First of all we want to THANK YOU: A lot of thanks for the great time we had together! Thanks to everyone involved, friends, guests, speakers, partners and volunteers. Thank you for joining us, each one of you has contributed to creating a wonderful experience. Any less would have been a missing piece of the puzzle. 🧩

Thank you for the priceless moments in breaks and in between talks. For the worthwhile chats and drinks on the parties. 🍻 For the table soccer games — won and lost. ⚽ For looking beyond our noses — in technical problems and every day questions. Thanks for letting us be ourselves. Thanks for our shared years of JSKongress and DeepTrack, for all the sessions included and all the sessions planned, all your preparation and time and heart invested. For every single session in sign language 🤟 and the corresponding applause in gestures. 👋 For the groovy music in between and in the evening. 🎸 For every drink, that we cheered with. Thank you for every cat and unicorn. 🐱 🦄

Today is not the end of time, we will return some time and are already looking forward to meeting you again ❤️

Your JSKongress Team

Béla, Jowe, Kerstin, Natalie, Marco E, Marco S and Robin … as well as Axel, Cornelia and Julia



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JS Kongress Munich

…is the conference about JavaScript. Handcrafted with 💙 for the JS community — from the JS community! postponed, see you 2021 in Munich, Germany