thanks to all our amazing partners

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a round of applause please for our Gold partner StarNode 👏

Our amazing partners help us keep tickets affordable, organize a great community experience and actively do support diversity in tech. If you want to be one of them, contact us via

At #jskongress 2019, our partners brought us a lot of fun — not at least with the table soccer ⚽ — and enjoyment — I dare say that this year there was the best coffee ☕ ever at a JS Kongress

Why did you choose to become a partner?

  • high hiring need of JS engineers
  • good opportunity in Munich

Would you recommend to other companies (or your boss) to support JS Kongress?

  • If they are looking for insights from mostly front-end dev, yes!
  • We have spoken to around 50–60 people at the conference (via 3 of our employees). We hope it helps us to establish a connection.
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As well thanks to our Silver partners Steadforce, JetBrains Team Blog, and

What did you especially like?

  • good event to have dev feedback & to present things to dev; no technical barrier
  • This event was meeting expectations in terms of quality (both the conference content and the attendees)
  • Organizers were friendly and helpful
  • People are interested in going in-depth discussion about how we work, our architecture

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…is the conference about JavaScript. Handcrafted with 💙 for the JS community — from the JS community! postponed, see you 2021 in Munich, Germany

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